Yoye was founded by Yasmin Edgecombe in 2015 as a spokesman for passionate manufacturers of well crafted products.

The Yoye vision and endeavor is to enrich the Scandinavian markets with unique designs and bellezza, carefully sought out in primarily Italy and Japan. 

With great expertise from global companies such as Luceplan and Georg Jensen, Yoye understands the communicative platforms that follow great design, from production to marketing and PR to project planning and sales, thus giving each great life on the Scandinavian markets. Yoye represents brands like Davidde Groppi,  G.T.Design, Shuj and Suzusan that all meet high standards of international design. Enjoy the entire selection on our site.



The showroom

High ceiling, spacious, showered in light and inspiring, the showroom resides at "The Lab".

Close to the center of Copenhagen close to the highway - with easy parking

The brands

Light, textures and surfaces are the areas you can explore with us.



Advice and cooperation on facilitating inspirational tours, exhibition planning or space planning.

At "The Lab"


We are LOVING it here! Busy and excited - working around the clock to get our amazing space ready to show you.. and make magic happen!


Work in progress..

Work in progress..